Floria Sigismondi, Nuit Blanche 'Pneuma'

MPC Helps Floria Sigismondi Realize Her Nuit Blanche Vision

“Pneuma,” her evocative short film about transformation, is projected onto water in downtown Toronto as part of all-night art exhibition.

Toronto, Ontario – Oct. XX, 2016 – When the all-night arts festival Nuit Blanche kicked off on the evening of October 1 in Toronto, a little bit of MPC New York was there. That’s because the visual effects studio provided effects, compositing and color grading, to one of the premiere pieces in the exhibit: Director Floria Sigismondi’s abstract film “Pneuma,” which makes up one part of the three pieces in the show’s “Oblivion” exhibit at Nathan Phillips Square.

“Pneuma” (the word is an ancient Greek term meaning the vital spirit, soul, or creative force of a person) is described by the show’s organizers as “a spellbinding performance of transcendence” that uses abstract motion, light and imagery to “ponder the implications, processes and consequences of profound transformations, whether celestial or earthly.”

A water installation projected on onto fountain at the Nathan Phillips Square urban plaza, “Pneuma” reflects Sigismondi’s vision as she looks to the human body as a vehicle for this transcendence. “Oblivion” also includes the pieces “Death of the Sun,” an immersive installation by Director X, a Toronto-based music video director, and “Ocean,” a large-format textile sculpture by the artist Philip Beesley. Together with Sigismondi’s film, they’re meant to reflect civilization’s cataclysmic end, its transformation and eventual rebirth.

The director turned to MPC for effects and finishing based on her prior experiences working with its artists. “Floria has a lot of respect for MPC, as they’ve done successful commercial work together in the past,” explains Believe Media Executive Producer Jannie McInnes, discussing the origins of the studio’s involvement with the film. “We were looking for a partner who’d be passionate about an art project that was not well-defined from the start and who’d find it exciting to develop the creative as the ideas evolved. We spoke to MPC’s Executive Producer, Camila De Biaggi, and her creative team’s enthusiasm was incredible.”

McInnes notes that while “Pneuma” was a fine art project, it didn’t lack for support. “We had the luxury of getting top tier talent, highly creative people with vast experience in problem-solving with lots of challenges. There was a mutual appreciation and respect between Floria, Michelle Czukar of Panic And Bob, who edited the film, and MPC’s Rob Walker, who was the studio’s creative lead. So despite a lot of challenges, they provided a well-supported, smooth experience for us, working with our restrictions and the need for truly impeccable work.”

“We’re excited to play a part in helping Floria achieve her vision for this piece,” says De Biaggi. “We have a wealth of creative talent here, and this was a great opportunity for them to stretch their imaginations and contribute to a compelling experience that will live beyond the realm of advertising.”

The Nuit Blanche show (#nbTO2016) runs through October 10. For a more detailed description of Sigismondi’s piece, go to here.




Floria Sigismondi

Production Company


Production Company Executive Producers

Liz Silver, Luke Thornton, Jannie McInnes

Production Company Producer

Christine Miller


Jarin Blaschke

Art Director

Barbara Lago


Michelle Czukar @ Panic and Bob



Executive Producer

Camila De Biaggi

VFX Supervisors

Seif Boutella & Rob Walker

VFX Producer

Elissa Norman




James Tillet

Lead Compositor

Rob Walker

Associate VFX Producer

Catherine Fischer

VFX Artists

John Shafto, Tiago Dias, Graeme Revell, Jacob Fradkin, Chris Ribar, Monica Manalo, Alain Cisneros