EDEKA, 2117

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MPC continues partnership with MJZ’s Matthijs van Heijningen, this time on ‘2117’, Jung von Matt’s brave Christmas film for German supermarket EDEKA

EDEKA’s new Christmas film ‘2117’, released online in Germany, is directed by MJZ’s Matthijs van Heijningen with concept and idea by Jung von Matt. The four-minute spot, which continues the brand's tradition of delivering brave Christmas advertising, is set in a very believable future in which robots have taken over. It follows the story of a lowly but courageous service robot who wants human love in his cold, barren world. Our hero is created by the team behind Samsung ‘Ostrich’ and ‘Buster the Boxer’ for John Lewis. It was important that the craft and emotional storytelling remained of the highest quality throughout the four-minute film.  

Watch the stunning new craft film:

The full ad:

Animation craft

To create this world and its inhabitants, MPC’s team adapted to the project’s challenges, evolving new ways of working to deal with the scale and complexity. Inspired by a classic film, EDKEKA’s robot is looking for a human connection - but he’s no alpha-male.

"I’m very proud to have helped realise Matthijs’ vision”, says Diarmid Harrison-Murray, MPC’s VFX Supervisor. "It pulls at the heart strings - just what you want and expect from a Christmas ad – but with a unique idea. As we follow our hero’s story, it’s the delicate nuances that make him engaging. Conveying subtle emotion in a robotic character is tricky. We were striving to set the dial right in each scene – tough in a film with over 80 CG shots.”

VFX detail

From concept art down to every nut and bolt, MPC’s VFX artists created the robots to reflect how they’d be built in their own world, taking inspiration from real-life, movable objects. Because our artists had to deal with so many individual pieces – over 3,000 mechanically-accurate parts for the hero robot alone – the team developed a new look-development workflow, to manage material assignments and shader variation. This way of working enabled the team to create the world of ‘2117' against a tight time-scale. 




Jung von Matt


Matthijs van Heijningen

Production Company


Executive Creative Director

Jens Pfau

CD Art Director

Sebastian Schnell

CD Copywriter

Anna Lichnog

Art Director

Robert Wieder


Christina Rankel


Chayse Irvin

Concept Designer

Jake Lunt

Senior Producer, Jung von Matt

Jankel Huppertz

Executive Producer, MJZ

Hellen Kenny

Producer, MJZ

Donald Taylor

German Production Company


Executive Producer, Sterntag

Maik Siering

Producer, Sterntag

Florian Polz



VFX Supervisor (3D)

Diarmid Harrison-Murray

VFX Supervisor (2D)

Rod Norman

VFX Producer

Tomek Zietkiewicz

VFX Line Producers

Sandra Eklund, Sanchit Soi

3D Lead

Amir Bazazi

Animation Lead

Chris Welsby


George K @ MPC

VFX Team

Benjamin Tron, Carl Edlund, Daniel Meitin, Ed Sherwood, Joffrey Zeitoun, Lou Thomas, David Filipe, Daniel Benjamin, Guillaume Weiss, George Brunt, Emma Taylor-Gilli, Justin Braun, Lewis Jones, Platon Filimonov, Charles Downman, Flavia Minnone, Hendrik Freuer, Jessie Amadio, Kate Gabriel, Martino Madeddu, Morten Solgaard, Selcuk Ergen, Michael Diprose, Alessandro Granella, Erik Norrhede, Amar Chundavadra, Daniel Meiten

Bangalore VFX Team

Jyoti Prakash Panda. Ajai V John, Baskaran S, Gopika Priya, Manjunath Ramakrishnaiah, D. Sumita, Kalaiarasu P, SelvaKumar k, Jahnvi Mistry, Akula Srikanth, Gopalsamy SC, K.N.Rajakanna, Uday Veerepalli, Gopakumar Muraleedharan, Rashabh Bhutani, Sravan Kumar, Ajith PA, Shaik Abdul Rahim, Ankit Dheraj Toppo, Sindhuja B, Earnest Victor, Mohammad Qasim, Muruganantham T, Elangovan Ganeshan, Bakiyaraj P, Srinivas Achary, Joyett Fernandes, Alex J., Abdul Labeeb, Suresh Pitchuka, Vaishali Awanghade, Kiran Veeraswarapu, Arulanandhan, Anupam Kumar, Kajal Pandya, Manu Gopalakrishnan, Mahendra Reddy


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