Diet Coke, Because I Can

Anomaly teams up with Director Paul Feig and MPC to debut Diet Coke's new look and taste.

Diet Coke has debuted a brand new look and some bold new flavors including “twisted mango” and “feisty cherry”, in their first rebrand in 35 years.


To promote the new look, a ‘Because I Can’ campaign has been launched, featuring a series of ads. The spots, directed by the talented Paul Feig, with VFX by MPC and color by MPC’s Mark Gethin, feature up-and-coming talent instead of high profile, glossy celebrities.



The roster of talent includes Gillian Jacobs, who is featured in the first ad of the series, Karan Soni, Ryan Goldsher, Daniel Stewart and Haley Magus, each promoting a different flavor in their own fun, unique way.


The next spot will be released during the Super Bowl game, which will be the brand’s first ad in the game since 1997. In the meantime, you can view the new spots below.

'Because I Can' featuring Gillian Jacobs

'Too Feisty' with Karan Soni

'Support Ginger' with Daniel Stewart

'Can Can' with Ryan Goldsher

'Spice of Life' featuring Haley Magus




Production Company

RSA Films


Paul Feig



Mark Gethin

Color Producer

Rebecca Boorsma

VFX Supervisor

Rob Hodgson

Lead Artist

Claus Hansen


Noah Caddis, Rob Ufer

Finishing Producer

Susie Cobb, Karena Ajamian

Executive Producer

Robert Owens