COVERGIRL, I Am What I Make Up

COVERGIRL embraces inclusivity in their new spots by Droga5

To launch their new product lines including a foundation that comes in 40 different shades, COVERGIRL needed to create spots that showed the diverse range of women that use their products, while supporting their ongoing ‘I am what I make up’ campaign.

All spots were directed by Somesuch’s Kim Gerhig and imagined by Droga5, who teamed up with MPC’s specialized beauty group to enhance the stunning films through finishing.

‘Infinite’ features American woman-of-the-moment Issa Rae crossing paths with other women who are all wearing the brand’s new foundation as they go about their everyday lives. The spot ends with a powerful stairwell shot that brings all the women together as one, a scene that MPC helped bring to life through VFX by extending the crowd of women on the stairs as well as the stairs themselves.


The longer-length version of the spot also finishes with a lengthy list of the “infinite” number of women who reached out to COVERGIRL and asked for foundation that caters to all skin tones.

Sam Caine, 2D Lead at MPC’s New York studio, said: “It was exciting to work on this COVERGIRL campaign as it's a reflection of today's cultural climate - one that's positive, inclusive and empowers women to express their own ideas about beauty. In our approach to retouching, we tried to honor their ideals. Our method used a light hand, carefully accentuating the qualities that already made these women so stunning, while preserving what made them unique, real and naturally beautiful.”

MPC enhanced both ‘Infinite’ and the second spot ‘Shade for Shade’ through finishing, elevating the overall look and feel of the spots to make the products really ‘pop’.


COVERGIRL, Shade for Shade Longform







Kim Gehrig

Production Company



Creative Chairman

David Droga

Executive Creative Director

Alexander Nowak

Associate Creative Director

Henry Kember

Senior Art Director

Neil Maclean


Emily Berger

Art Director

Debbie Pan

Design Director

Maria Wan


Alex Lumain

Director of Film Production (Shade for Shade)

Jesse Brohn

Co-Directors of Film Production (Infinite)

Jesse Brihn, Bryan Litman

Executive Producer, Film

Mike Hasinoff

Associate Producer, Film

Jake Herman

Music Supervisor

Mike Ladman

Director of Business Affairs

Joceyln Howard

Business Affairs Manager

Kiki Powell

Producer, Art

Bianca Escobar

Producer, Print

Riely Clough

Group Strategy Director

Katy Alonzo

Strategy Director

Cecilia Diaz

Global Chief Strategy Officer

Jonny Bauer

Communications Strategy Director

Michael Pignone

Group Account Director

Courtney Russell

Account Director

Krista Tarty

Account Manager

Patrick Glaser

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Gregory Tate-Villa

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Tessa Muchura


Erica Palaia


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Saul Germaine


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Executive Producer

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Jamie Lynn Perritt

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Theo Mercado


Executive Producer

Matthew Loranger


Krystle Timm

Creative Director

Alvin Cruz

Lead Flame Artist

Sam Caine

Flame Team

Tim Crean, Derina Doorley, Rob Walker, Meggen Burdick, Giulia Bartra, Greg Cutler, Lawrence Merrill

Music (Infinite)


Sylvan Esso


Hey Mami

Music (Shade for Shade)


‘Masterpiece’ - Clarence Reid, ‘Go Off’ - China Fox, ‘Dirty Looks’ - China Fox, ‘I Choose You’ - FOE, ‘Hold On Tight’ - China Fox, ‘GPS’ - Superfly Ky, ‘Maximum’ - Deux Twins feat. Outlaw the Artist, ‘I Love You Dancer’ - Marc Chantereau, ‘Shake It Up - Part 1’ - Rickey Calloway

Sound Design

Barking Owl

Creative Director/ Executive Producer

Kelly Bayett


Ashley Benton

Sound Designer

Morgan Johnson


Heard City


Andi Lewis


Dan Flosdorf, Mike Vitacco