CNBC, The Deed

MPC Helps Droga 5 Sink a Rookie Real Estate Flipper for CNBC’s New Series “The Deed”

In a sixty-second broadcast promo spot for CNBC’s new reality series “The Deed,” a man sits forlornly in the middle of a house undergoing renovation. The look on his face is full desperation as the voiceover starts to recount all the problems he’s having flipping this distressed property he bought. Suddenly, a thick, black liquid starts to seep up through the floorboards. It quickly engulfs the tools scattered on the floor, pools around his shoes, rises up to drown the chirping cell phone in his hand and finally surrounds his face as he stares blankly at the ceiling. “You’ve made very rookie mistake there is, and you’re about to go under,” says series host Sidney Torres in voiceover, “but I think I can help you.”


“The Deed” follows Torres, a real estate magnate and serial entrepreneur, and his partner Sean Conlon as they go beyond beautiful renovations to fix rookie flippers' problems and set them on the course to financial success.

Says MPC Producer Matthew Loranger: “This was a pretty complex execution during the live action shoot. The production company built the set, then immersed it in a giant tank, which was filled with the liquid used to represent the oil that submerges everything.” MPC provided set supervision as well as color grading (provided by Colorist Mark Gethin), finishing and compositing on the project.


Adds Loranger: “One of the biggest challenges was the different viscosities of the liquids captured on the live action shoot. They all needed to have a uniform look so we retimed and stabilized the liquid, removed ripples and reflections from the liquid, rigs from the walls of the set and more. While much of the heavy lifting was done during the shoot, we were tasked with handling all of the effects portion and turning it around in just about a week.”





Group Creative Director

Don Shelford

Assoc. Creative Directors

Thom Glover, Paul Meates

Executive Producer

Ruben Mercadal

Agency Producer

Chris Parke




Saam Farahmand


Julia Robertson

Editorial Company

Cosmo Street


Mark Potter



Managing Director

Justin Brukman

Executive Producer

Nick Haynes

Senior Producer

Matthew Loranger


Mark Gethrin