Chobani, Wonderful World of Less

MPC teams up with Chobani team to create surrealistic world in stunning new campaign

When Chobani wanted to showcase their “Less Sugar” product line, they took a beautiful and imaginative view on excess and showed what happens when the world decides to have less!

MPC helped bring the brand’s vision to life, creating a world where items are stripped away to create a world containing less material things. In “Wonderful World of Less”, objects such as coats, boxes, trunks start to float away, and even skyscraper buildings, with each floor being lifted away one-by-one towards the sky. “Thanks Gemini” shows technological items being simultaneously packed away around a room, including a helpful robot called Gemini.

Michael Gregory, Creative Director at MPC, commented on the process of making the floating items sequences seamless: “Patrick wanted to get as much in camera as possible, and we had multiple practical rigs that gave us a fantastic base to build upon in CG.

“From there we built a fantastic 3D particle system that enabled us to add hundreds of floating objects with the flexibility and look of hand animated objects. The objects could stack and collide with real world physics. It was perfect for scaling up on a per shot basis with a lot of creative flexibility.”

Both spots were directed by Anonymous Content’s Patrick Daughters and graded by MPC’s Mark Gethin, who enhanced the beautiful pastel colors in the fantasy-like world.

This campaign marks a continued partnership between MPC and Patrick Daughters – we recently worked with him on the Honda campaign “Fight Mehdiocrity”.

Wonderful World of Less

Thanks Gemini






Patrick Daughters

Production Company

Anonymous Content


Creative Director

Michael Gregory

VFX Supervisors

Michael Gregory, Rodrigo Carrasco

CG Supervisor

Tim Kafka

2D Supervisor

Gustavo Bellon

Executive Producer

Karen Anderson


Adriana Wong, Mark Driscoll

Production Coordinator

Stefani Na, Meghna Shetty

Line Producer

Kedar Joshi


David Ince, Hector Cabrera, Kelsey NaPier, Kyle Belko, Luis Artigas, Oliver Caiden, Vivekananthan R

Flame Artist

Patrick Ferguson


Annie Zhao, Asher Stusek, Matthew Maude

FX Artist

Nathan Skeen


Andrew Price


Anand Sagar, Chankya Chander, Rajinikanth R, Shalwin Shaiju, Vivek Tekale

Asset Artists

Gopika Priya, Harshitha V V, Jaspreet Dua, Koustav Bhowmik, SelvaKumar k, Vinutha AR, Deepali Negi, Vaibhav Gupta

Prep Artists

Ajeet Pratap Singh, Alex J, Arulanandhan, Jay Joshi, Kajal Pandya, Kiran Veeraswarapu, Maneesh Kumar, Padma Priya, Pramod Dwivedi, Sameen Sharma, Sathish C, Shyam Babu, Sugumar S, Trishul Phani Mishra, Vignesh E