Chobani, Gimmies

MPC works directly with Chobani once again for fun, vintage-style campaign

The imaginative campaign, which was directed by Anonymous Content’s Nadia Lee Cohen, aired during the Kid’s Choice Awards.

The charming film which is also broken down into series – “Important Interruption”, “Mania” and “Queen vs. Crush” – blends cute animated characters into nostalgic, retro-style films to showcase their Gimmies™ snack products.

MPC handled the VFX and Finishing, working closely with Chobani, Nadia and animation house Titmouse, to combine 2D animation and live action, resulting in a truly unique campaign.

MPC’s Mark Gethin graded the campaign, enhancing the retro aesthetic that the director captured so well.

MPC’s Creative Director Alvin Cruz and VFX Supervisor Tobey Lindbäck led the VFX team, bringing the many different elements together: “The main challenge was to combine both the cartoon world and the real world, it was key to get the balance right,” says Tobey.

Alvin added, “We provided a lot of creative suggestions throughout the process and collaborated with the all of the teams to create a result that everyone was happy with. It was an absolute pleasure working with everyone and watching it all come together.”

This is the second time MPC has partnered with Chobani– MPC worked on a recent campaign with them to showcase their ‘Less Sugar’ range.





Nadia Lee Cohen

Production Company

Anonymous Content


Creative Directors

Lisa Smith, Steve Peck

Executive Producer

David Isaac


Deanna Nolasco

Anonymous Content


Simon Duggan @ WPA

Executive Producer

Lori Stonebraker

Line Producer

Sara D'Alessio


Creative Director

Antonio Canobbio

Production Point

Nate Funaro


Creative Director

Alvin Cruz

VFX Sup/2D Lead

Tobey Lindbäck

VFX Coordinator

Sydney Sanford

CG Supervisor

Vicky Osborn

CG Lead

Vadim Turchin

On-set Supervisor

Toya Drechsler


Jemmy Molero


Kelly Bruce, Mazyar Sharifian


Adam Rozanski, Mike Ricca, Bobby Ushiro


Mark Gethin

Executive Producer

Camila De Biaggi


Anna Kravtsov