Channel 4, We're The Superhumans

MPC teams up with 4Creative & Dougal Wilson on the 2016 Paralympics Campaign ‘We're The Superhumans’

This week sees the launch of Channel 4’s highly anticipated campaign to support the channel’s coverage of the 2016 Paralympic Games. Following the 2012 multi-award winning ‘Meet The Superhumans’ campaign, the new inspirational work ‘Yes I Can’ directed by Blink’s Dougal Wilson, sees a host of international Paralympic athletes excelling in their respective sports, along with members of the public and musicians excelling in their own passions; demonstrating their unique abilities.  

The three-minute film conceived by 4Creative, Channel 4’s in-house agency and spearheaded by Chris Bovil, John Allison and Alice Tonge is timed to perfection to the beat of a track performed by disabled musicians and was filmed over three weeks in and around the UK. Led by Supervisor Tom Harding, MPC created the intricate VFX across 144 shots, including extensive crowd replication, 21 stadium shots and the creation of the new Rio stadium in CG.

MPC’s Global Creative Director of Colour Grading Jean-Clément Soret worked closely with Dougal Wilson and DoP Daniel Landin on the grade. Soret comments “The aim was to really enhance the tone as well as emphasising the many individual stories - but also help weave the piece together into one unified film. The grade itself is very dynamic and verges on hyper-real to achieve a joyful, rich and uplifting feel.  As it’s a fast-cut film, it was important to help the viewer identify with the story in each scene very quickly”.





Production Company



Dougal Wilson

Heads of 4Creative

Chris Bovill & John Allison


Dan Landin


Joe Guest @ Final Cut

Creative Director

Alice Tonge

Agency Producer

Shananne Lane

Production Company Producer

Ewen Brown



VFX Executive Producer

Julie Evans

VFX Producer

Hannah Ruddleston

VFX Supervisor

Tom Harding

3D VFX Supervisor

Graeme Turnbull

Creative Director

Michael Gregory

Shoot Supervisors

Tom Harding & Bill McNamara

Line Producer

Russell Ford & Deepanjali Singh




Jean-Clément Soret

VFX Team

Grant White, Andrew Roberts, M. Vijaya Kumar, Rajinikanth R, Rajkumar C., S. Sundaramoorthy, Vinoth Kumar, Venuprasath, Sravan Kumar, Vaishali Awaghade, Daniel Benjamin, Thomas Carrick, Chloe Dawe, Mattias Lullini, Alessandro Granella, Pedrom Dadgostar, David Bryan, Debalina Dasgupta, Suhas Bhat, Yashaswi Salandri, Sindhuja B, Hemanth Anusuri, Elangovan Ganeshan, Ankit Dheraj Toppo & Partha Modal