Channel 4, 4/7 Idents

MPC, 4Creative and ManvsMachine ‘bend’ reality for new channel launch

MPC, 4Creative and ManvsMachine have partnered to bend reality for the launch of the new catch-up TV channel, 4seven.

The three idents ‘Allotment’, ‘Pool’ and 'Motorway' continue the brands play on perspective and were produced using an innovative mix of angled camera work and CG augmentation. As the camera sweeps around a right-angled world, the numbers 4 and 7 are revealed on each plane.

The biggest challenge was to establish a method to achieve the right-angle look.  Led by VFX Supervisors Chrys Aldred and Tim Civil, a camera was programmed to sweep over an environment in a 180-degree arc and the footage was then offset by the time taken to move through 90 degrees. The end result was achieved by slicing the footage - taking the last 25sec of the move from the left side of the image, and the first 25sec from the right side of the image, to give a folded edge.

To ensure the basic principle would work in post, it was first pre-vised in Maya.  To replicate the move onset, the Maya data was then programmed into a motion control unit with the new ‘Titan’ 9 meter arm.

‘Allotment’ was the more straightforward of the two idents. The team completed the work in Nuke - tracking and stabilised the two halves, and aligning them so they appeared to share the same edge lighting and atmospherics. A grassy edge was later composited in to help convincingly achieve the feeling of a folded world.

'Motorway' and ‘Pool’ proved far more complex for the team. Knowing that there was parallax and various depths to deal with in 'Pool', the team decided to recreate the pool in CG.  Work began by tracking and stabilising the two plates.  To prevent the far left side of the pool bouncing against the CG model, the right hand plate was used as the master side and the 2D and CG work built around it. The original reflections and ripples were then brought back in to help keep the realism of the water and added displacement maps were necessary in Nuke to distort the tiles on the base of the pool.

Chrys Aldred said "this was a great challenge for us, right up our street.  We love helping to find solutions for bespoke VFX approaches in order to bring to life great creative ideas".

George K added the final grade using Baselight.

4/7 will launch on 4th July on Channel:

Freeview 47

Freesat 127

Sky 140

Virgin 195



Agency/ Production Company



ManvsMachine - Mike Alderson & Tim Swift

Design and Creative

ManvsMachine / 4Creative

Creative Director

Chris Wood & Alice Tonge - 4Creative


Louise Oliver - 4Creative





VFX Producer

Julie Evans

Creative Director

Jim Radford

VFX Supervisors

Chrys Aldred & Tim Civil

VFX Team

Chrys Aldred & Tim Civil




George K