Cathedrals, Try to Fight

Cathedrals drops new single "Try to Fight" from Director Jesse Fleece and DP Larkin Seiple, with grade by MPC's Ricky Gausis

San Francisco natives Brodie Jenkins and Johnny Hwin who make up the dream-pop duo Cathedrals have released a new single titled "Try to Fight."

Working alongside Director Jesse Fleece and and DP Larkin Seiple, the grade for the video was done by Colourist Ricky Gausis of MPC LA.

"We wanted the video to look like an old 80's movie that was shot on film but you were watching it on an old VHS copy from your local video rental store. With a strong retro color palette and experimenting with film grain we set the base look," said Gausis. "Then on top of this used various Baselight tools to add a VHS quality to the final image. I also left some deliberate mismatching on some shots for that extra feel of authenticity and to ensure the finished piece never felt too polished.

I enjoyed every minute of collaborating with Jesse and Larkin on this one. They did a fantastic job."






Jesse Fleece

Production Company


Director of Photography

Larkin Seiple


Ari Robbins

Colour Grade



Ricky Gausis

Color Executive Producer

Meghan Lang

Color Producer

Rebecca Boorsma

Color Associate Producer

Elyse Robinson