Captain Morgan, Captain Captain

Captain Morgan and MPC help even the modern man feel like a captain in their newest collaboration

In this 30-second spot for Captain Morgan, they've put a new twist on the term "Captain's Quarters." Morgan, returning from a seemingly long journey, heads to a quaint pub near the docks. Once inside, he is greeted from a varying group of other leaders (even retired former Manchester United star Rio Ferdinand) before ordering himself and his mates a round of Captain Morgan.

Audiences are then introduced to Dave, a seemingly average man looking to have a drink. The room goes still once he confesses to his moderate nature, until Captain Morgan orders him a drink identical to his. The crowd cheers, and Dave begins to "live like a captain," a campaign that came about this year and will spill into 2018 for the liquor brand.

The team at MPC performed composition and cleanup on the spot, as well as color grading from both Jean Clement and Adrian Seery of London and New York.




Anomaly New York


Captain Morgan


Ulf Johansson

Production Company

Smith & Jones

Director of Photography

Andrzej Sekula

Production Designer

Steve Smithwick

Agency Producer

Olivia Edgren

Head of Production

Chad Hopenwasser

Agency Creatives

Mike Byrne, Conor Hagan, Matt McCarron

Prod. Company Producer

Philippa Smith



Executive Producer

Camila De Biaggi


Chris Connolly

2D Lead

Timo Huber

VFX Supervisor

Rod Norman

CG Team

Martino Madeddu & Sue Jang

2D Team

Jeric Pimentel, Giulia Bartra, David Anger

Color Grading



Jean Clement & James Tillett