Boots, Ready for Anything

MPC partners with MJZ’s Juan Cabral and Mother for Boots No 7’s new film, starring Olympic fencing champion Monika Aksamit

Ready for Anything’ is a stunning spot with a bold question at its heart: what is make-up for? Most importantly – does it make you better at what you do? That is for the audience to determine in Juan Cabral’s new film with Mother, for a No7 beauty range.

Part of the beauty brand's campaign spotlighting incredible women, from Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie to a 50-year old Hollywood stuntwoman, ‘Ready for Anything’ stars Olympic fencing champion Monika Aksamit – ironically whose face we never see. The film unfolds against the breathtaking white-and-grey landscape of an Italian marble quarry, with Monica applying her make up in preparation for a match.

Fencing shots filmed at dizzying heights seamlessly cut to vivid close-ups of the make-up – lipstick, foundation, and eyeliner – being applied like war paint. Liquids and powders crafted in VFX blend seamlessly with real, on-set explosions for a dramatic and beautiful film.

Film craft

Amir Bazazi, VFX Supervisor (3D) says, “Most of the film was shot in-camera; our challenge was to simulate the phyisics of make-up and stay true to how it looks in real life - how it applies, how it moves. We’re talking about creating CG products on a scale that we have limited existing references for; for example in order to get the smear of foundation across the screen looking right, we spread the real product across a clear perspex sheet and took close-up stills. It’s then a case of constantly reviewing your work with the director to perfect the finish.”

Pulling ‘Ready for Anything’ off took a team of global artists from our London and Bangalore studios.






Juan Cabral

Production Company


Creative Direction


Art Direction




Creative Directors, MPC

Diarmid Harrison-Murray,Bill McNamara

Producer, Mother

Fraser Lawson

VFX Supervisor (2D)

Dan Lorenzini

VFX Supervisors (3D)

Amir Bazazi, Tushar Kewlani, David Webster, Flavia Minnone

VFX Producer

Amy Richardson

VFX Team

Andrew Roberts, Flavia Minnone, Tushar Kewlani, David Webster, Prasanth Palaparthi, K. Gandhiraj, Arun Kumar M




Matthieu Toullet

Sound Design

Sam Ashwell @ 750mph Ltd.