Black Mirror, Season 4

Black Mirror Season 4 is now streaming on Netflix – featuring VFX by MPC, and Grade by MPC colourists through Technicolor

Charlie Brooker’s acclaimed TV series Black Mirror is back, with season 4 now available to stream on Netflix. MPC has partnered with the production and created the VFX in Episode 3, ‘Crocodile’. Directed by John Hillcoat, ‘Crocodile' stars Andrea Riseborough and features grade by MPC LA’s Mark Gethin. MPC London's Jean-Clément Soret graded an additional three episodes: Episode 2, ‘Arkangel’, directed by Jodie Foster, Episode 5, 'Metal Head’, directed by David Slade, and Episode 6, ‘Black Museum’,  directed by Colm McCarthy. 

You can check out the Crocodile trailer here:



Director (Arkangel)

Jodie Foster

Director (Metal Head)

David Slade

Director (Black Museum)

Colm McCarthy

Director (Crocodile)

John Hillcoat

Writer/Executive Producer

Charlie Brooker

Production Company (Crocodile)

House of Tomorrow

Art Director (Crocodile)

Robyn Paiba

DoP (Crocodile)

Lol Crawley

Co-Producer (Crocodile)

Ian Hogan

Producer (Crocodile)

Annabel Jones

Producer (Crocodile)

Sanne Wohlenberg

VFX Producer (Crocodile)

Russell McLean

VFX Coordinator (Crocodile)

Anna Stothart

Titles (Crocodile)

Painting Practice

Motion Graphics Artist (Crocodile)

John Wilkinson

Matte Painting (Crocodile)

Sammy Khalid

VFX (Crocodile)


VFX Supervisor (Crocodile)

Marcus Dryden

VFX Producer (Crocodile)

Russell Forde

VFX Team (Crocodile)

Mithun Alex, Dan Benjamin, Suhas Bhat, Lucie Brant, George Brunt, Mike Cosgrave, Rajkumar C., Alex J, Pratyush Paruchuri, Rgesh R, S Rajesh, Venkata S, Alex Snookes, Akula Srikanth, S. Sundaramoorthy, Chris Tang, Uday Veerepalli

Editor (Crocodile)

Tom Lindsay

Music Designer (Crocodile)

Michael Patterson

Colourist (Crocodile)

Mark Gethin @ MPC LA through Technicolor

Colourist (Arkangel, Metal Head, Black Museum)

Jean-Clément Soret @ MPC through Technicolor