Big Screen, Trespass Against Us

The Big Screen treats guests to exclusive preview of Trespass Against Us

Trespass Against Us is a sensitive portrait of a community of Irish travellers living in the West Country. Directed by first-time feature director Adam Smith, the film is a sensitive look at the lives of the Cutler family – notorious outlaws for whom work means raiding estates, and play means car chases with the police.
Michael Fassbender plays Chad Cutler, an uneducated man caught between ties to his clan and desire for a better life for his family. The pressure is on from his father (Brendon Gleeson) not to let the world ‘trespass against them’, and his wife - brilliantly played by Lyndsey Marshall – who wants an education for their children. In one particularly evocative scene, they break down as a teacher tells them their children are too far behind to stay in school.
The Big Screen is MPC and The Beak Street Bugle's joint partnership to provide a platform for commercials directors to showcase their feature film endeavors to the industry in London. Adam Smith, whose commercial filmmaking journey began making visuals for raves and nightclubs in a creative collective, joined us after the film for a Q&A. He explained that Trespass Against Us is based on a real-life travelling family, who he spent time getting to know intimately before the shoot, staying overnight in their caravans ‘while the men went out to work’.
He revealed that his feature got a raucous reception from them: they were invited for their own exclusive screening at the BFI earlier this year.
A huge thank-you to Adam for sharing your debut film with us at our most successful Big Screen event yet.
Watch the trailer here
Look out for news on our next screening on Wednesday 17 November