Berocca, Be More Berocca

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Diarmid Harrison-Murray takes us to the jungle with Panjabi MC and Roccy the dancing chameleon in new global spot for Berocca, produced by MPC Creative in partnership with JWT

Watch how MPC brought Roccy to life:

Watch the full ad here:

Directed by Diarmid Harrison Murray through MPC Creative, this new global campaign for Berocca by JWT invites audiences to ‘Be more Berocca’ with Roccy the body-popping chameleon. Roccy struts his stuff in a tropical rainforest while other chameleons look on with a mixture of shock and envy. The dance routine culminates with Roccy changing colour in time to the music as he pulls off an elaborate dance move, while simultaneously catching a fly in mid-air.

All characters in the spot are crafted entirely in CG. Diarmid worked with VFX artists from sister company MPC – the award winning studio behind the John Lewis Christmas ads and Oscar winning film ‘The Jungle Book’ – to bring them to life.

Diarmid says: “For me, it was important to create something that felt as realistic as possible. I wanted it to feel like an episode of Planet Earth that took an unusual twist. If you hold your viewer in this space, you can really maximize the comedy and engagement in the film.”

The challenge with this spot is all in the detail, from every last scale on Roccy's body and the way he moves, to the pieces of moss under foot. The job required realism throughout to really be successful. MPC Creative has the expertise – not just in live-action production, but also in terms of VFX – to deliver this expertly crafted campaign. 




J. Walter Thompson


Diarmid Harrison-Murray

Production Company

MPC Creative

Executive Creative Director

Lucas Peon

Creative Director

Paul Rizzello


Naz Nazli

TV Producer, JWT

Sonny Botero

Head of Creative Production

James Niklasson

Producer, MPC Creative

Johnny Blick

VFX Producer

Thomas Cole @ MPC

VFX Supervisors

Iain Murray, Rod Norman @ MPC

CG Supervisor

Ben Thomas

Lead Animator

David Bryan




George K

VFX Team

Inigo Vimal Roy, Gopika Priya, Anbarasu E, Priya Bandodkar, Ankan Sanyal, Bala Krishnan R, Rajesh Kaushik, Siju Murugan, Shristi Sanyal, Hemanth Anusuri, Shaik Abdul Rahim, Sreenivasa Aditya Yanamalach, Ganesh Kumar S, Jacob Ommen