Bentley, SUV

MPC Creative produce and direct luxurious Bentley teaser film, playing with light and lines


Conceived by agency Keko London, the spot was directed in-house at MPC Creative by Rupert Cresswell and created entirely in CG harnessing MPC’s Motion Design studio. The film has been designed to drive buzz and excitement around the new Bentley SUV, a luxury vehicle that will launch in 2016. The film combines converging lines, unique camera moves and sound which triggers light, capturing the vision for the car without revealing its full form.

Director Rupert Cresswell said, “We wanted to create a teaser film that enticed the audience by creating a backdrop similar to a contemporary art installation. The lights trigger on and off in time to the soundscape, creating a totally immersive visual and audio environment in which we place the car. We worked closely with Keko throughout, constantly bouncing ideas around in relation to textures, tone and the overall look and feel. The final result gives viewers a glimpse of the new vehicle for the very first time, whilst keeping a sense of mystique throughout.”


VFX Detail

MPC’s Motion Design team was led by Patrick Phoenix, who developed the spot using Cinema 4D and After Effects. Bentley supplied complex CAD data in order for the team to re-create the car in 3D.

One of the key challenges for the team was striking a balance between showcasing the lines and form of the car, without revealing the full model.

They tackled this by highlighting selected parts, for example the rear arch, and then removing reflections so it appeared more abstract.

CG textures were added to the cars surface, reacting to the lights and animating patterns of their own. The lattice effect in the final three frames was designed to represent the camouflage that will be used on the first test vehicle, while subtle lines of light animate around the edges of the car’s surface; further emphasizing the car’s form. 



Keko London

Production Company

MPC Creative


Rupert Cresswell

Agency Producer

Andrea Walji


Piggy Lines & David Kerrigan

Production Company Producer

Sophie Gunn



VFX Producer

Sarah Walsh

VFX Supervisor

Patrick Phoenix

VFX Team

Matteo Morando, Marcus Chaloner & Matthew Campbell