Benjamin Booker, The Future is Slow Coming

Artist ponders past and present in sobering music video directed by James Lee, with grade by Ricky Gausis

In an extended music video combining two of his new songs (“Slow Coming” and “Wicked Waters”), Benjamin Booker wanders around a small midcentury town, eating at diners and pondering racial inequalities past and present.

Like a broken record, Booker passes the same wrongful shooting again and again – each time playing a more active part in the scene. The hauntingly truthful film draws parallels between the troubling history of the American South and frightening controversies it faces today.

Booker and director Lees worked closely together to make their shared vision come to life and the piece quickly became more substantial and culturally significant than an average music video.

Graded by MPC colorist Ricky Gausis, the film was nominated for Best Color at the 2015 UK Music Video Awards. To step into the past and grapple with the present, watch the video below.




Benjamin Booker


James Lees

Production Company

Doomsday Entertainment

Executive Producer

Danielle Hinde


Declan Ryan

Director of Photography

Jackson Hunt


Michael Carter


Ricky Gausis

Production Design

John Richoux

Costume Design

Christina Flannery

Sound Design

Brent Kiser


Jeff Desom

Make Up

Amber Leonard


Jessica Masters, Rena Rheaves