Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag, Defy

Adam Berg and MPC create a monumental film for Assassin's Creed ‘Black Flag’ with Sid Lee Paris

Ships burn and men are mercilessly slain in this brutal film for the launch of Assassin's Creed IV, Black Flag. The 90” film, conceived by Sid Lee, will be released in cinemas and on television throughout multiple markets, promoting the hugely popular game to a global audience.

Stink director Adam Berg teamed up with MPC for the trailer, which seamlessly blends epic live action with complex VFX techniques across the full range of disciplines within MPC.

The ambitious project harnessed impressive set builds, including a to-scale ship and a 3,000 cubic metre water tank, as well as a cast of around 100 stunt men. 

Behind The Scenes




Sid Lee Paris

Production Company



Adam Berg

Executive Creative Director

Sylvain Thirache

Art Directors

Daniel Abensour & Martin Westberg


Johan Jeansson

Agency Production Director

Thomas Laget

Agency Managing Director

Johan Delpuech

Account Director

Bruno Lee

Agency Project Manager

Yaël Guetta

Production Company Producer (UK)

Ben Crocker

Production Company Producer (FR)

Sylvaine Mella

Production Coordinator

Clémentine Tatin


Mattias Montero

Production Designer

David Mark Lee


Paul Hardcastle @ Trim



VFX Producer

Chris Allen

VFX Line Producer

Stephanie Karim

VFX Supervisors

Franck Lambertz & Fabian Frank




Mark Gethin

VFX Team

Ryan Hadfield, Yosuke Matsuno, Andrew Roberts, Giles Hicks, Adam Leary, Levi Peterffy, David Picarda, Eduardo Castells, Mark Robinson, Thomas Carrick, Tim Civil, Tito Fernendes, Tom Rowell, Ajai Verghese John, Bipin Palan P, Ganesh Kimar S, Raju Ganesh S, Vishal Kaushal, Stalin Balin, Rajinikanth R, Ragesh Ramchandran, Deelip Kumar Neerla, Akhil K.P, Venkatesh R