Alien Covenant: ‘Phobos’ trailer

Alien Covenant: ‘Phobos’ trailer, directed by RSA’s Toby Dye

Phobos tells the story of Weyland Industries recruitment test, in which Toby Dye’s exploration of fear unfolds. MPC Design worked closely with Toby to develop a series of elegant screen graphics and UI designs in the nine-minute film, based on the visual language from Alien: Covenant and its filmic narrative, yet steeped in the history of the franchise.

Our team were tasked to create a high tech look and feel that reflected Toby’s clean cinematic style, yet still supported each of the characters’ emotional response. With a creative approach that brings emotive depth to design, our team of artists at MPC Design crafted a variety of solutions that reflected each individual’s reaction to the fear test.

Catch a sneak peek of the Phobos film – Alien Covenant's bonus feature with VFX by MPC and graphics by MPC Design - in the trailer below. Full film will be available on Blu–Ray DVD.

1. Credits

2. Design

3. Outputs



Toby Dye


20th Century Fox

Conceived by

Ridley Scott & Toby Dye


Ross Emery ACS

Art Director

Ian Gracie

Executive Producers

Alison Temple, Kai Hsiung


Katie Dolan

Production Designer

Chris Seagers

Creature Design

Connor O’Sullivan



VFX Supervisor

Marcus Dryden

Creative Director, MPC Design

Ryan Jefferson Hays




George K

VFX Producer

Tomek Zietkiewicz


Julian Eguiguren