About Colour Grading

The talent and sensitivity of a colourist is crucial to a project, and the artistic impact of their work makes a difference now more than ever.

Led in London by the renowned Jean-Clement Soret, and in LA by Mark Gethin, our team of colourists are highly celebrated and regarded as amongst the very best in the world.

They influence their work both as unique artists and as a team of creative collaborators. It has taken years to build such a diverse and exceptional group, with the ability to perfectly translate the unique vision of Directors, DPs and Creatives.

As a result of their outstanding work, our team has collected numerous top craft awards for Colour Grading, and they have been integral to many Cannes Lions, D&AD, British Arrows, Creative Circle and APA awarded work.

Globally, our team of colourists, assistants, digital acquisition, and data wrangling experts share knowledge and work together aided by our remote grading technology.

We offer real time remote grading to London, Paris, Oslo, Stockholm, Hamburg, Berlin, Copenhagen, Prague, Milan, Istanbul, Zurich, Vienna, Brussels, Los Angeles, New York, Amsterdam, Dallas, Austin and Denver.